What did the Docs do for New Year’s Resolutions?

I heard an interesting segment on the radio today; just two weeks into 2017, people were calling in telling about their failed New Year’s resolutions.  Dang, I strongly dislike making a New Year’s resolution!  It is almost like setting yourself up for failure.  So, this year we have committed to making more mindful health decisions – not the usual, “I will NOT eat sugar”, or “I will exercise six days a week!”  I’m talking about changing our daily thought process.  So here at Restore, we have committed to helping the community make more mindful health decisions!  So what exactly does that mean?

Hear us out…

Check out the definition of mindful; “conscious or aware of something”.  Even more so, I love the synonym “alive”.  From years of being in practice, we know that when people are living their lives getting checked and adjusted, that keeps their body in a state that allows a fully functioning nervous system. When the nervous system is fully functioning, we also know that BY DESIGN, your body is making you more aware of your choices; mindful choices.  Your body isn’t merely aware of this, but is actually moving towards healthier choices for you, without you even thinking about it!  HOW COOL!  You have this amazing intelligence within your body that truly wants you to be the best version of you.  It is always selfishly working to maintain balance in your body! Healthy decisions allow your intelligence to do less wasteful work and more productive restoring and healing.

At Restore Chiropractic, we stand for a world that empowers people to put themselves and their health first.  We also want to be a resource for those mindful decisions.  We host a women’s group, The Refuge, where women from the community meet monthly learning how to make healthier, mindful choices. We host classes and speak in the community to help people make better, mindful decisions and we have committed to all of you that we are here to help every step of the way!

So this year, don’t set yourself up for failure.  Love yourself and your decisions and start being more aware of the choices you are making.  You will automatically be drawn to making healthier choices; just watch!

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