The nervous system is responsible for all control and coordination of the body. How does it accomplish this? The messages that travel over the nervous system are unique to each organ they supply and even unique to the moment in time to exactly what that organ needs. These very unique messages are called mental impulses. Mental impulses travel from the brain to each organ and tissue cell of the body. They let that cell know exactly what to do, and then that cell sends messages back up to the brain giving it information on what has been done. For the body to work properly, this connection needs happen smoothly.

Think of these mental impulses as the cars traveling along a highway. When traffic is moving along at a good pace, everything is smooth sailing. But just as rush hour causes the traffic to back up and get congested, when there are areas of the nervous system that are not working properly, this causes a traffic jam of those mental impulses. They build up, get congested, and don’t get to where they need to go effectively. This causes misinformation to get back up to the brain, and also misinformation from the brain to the rest of the body. As a result of this misinformation, your body shows it in the form of dysfunction. This could range from headaches, migraines, digestive issues, mood issues, immune system issues to aches and pains. When we find these “traffic jams” within your nervous system, we help the body by specific chiropractic adjustments which allow your body to restore that smooth connection between the brain and body. A smooth connection is the foundation for optimal health.

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