Headaches are one of the most common and most costly conditions that people suffer from. There are an estimated 28 million migraine sufferers in the U.S., and 75% of those are female. Financially, the cost of headaches is a staggering $14 billion per year, including treatment costs and work missed. Headaches also cause substantial disability and drastically affect the quality of one’s life. Migraines are also affecting children as well as adults. The incidence in migraine headaches in children tripled from 1974 to 1992 and children miss more than one million days of school each year due to headaches. This is also concerning because research has found that children who have frequent headaches are more likely to suffer from other physical and psychiatric problems as an adult.

So what can be done to help these headache sufferers? It is important to note that there are many different factors that contribute to people getting headaches. First there are many types of headaches – 129 to be exact. Headache pain can occur in the tissues covering the brain; the attaching structures at the base of the brain; and in the muscles, blood vessels around the scalp, face, and neck (the most common). Different types of stresses (physical, chemical, and emotional) can trigger a headache, but the actual cause of the headache is often a series of traumatic or repetitive micro-traumatic events like motor vehicle accidents, sports, posture habits, etc. Headaches (or other symptoms) can take weeks, months, or even years to show up following these events.

A large amount of research demonstrates that the majority of headaches are caused by problems in the cervical (neck) area of the spine. The vertebrae of the neck can become misaligned because of excessive or repetitive stress. These misalignments irritate the nerves in the neck and cause excessive muscle tension, all of which can contribute to a variety of headaches. In fact, “over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures” according to Canadian Family Physician. And the Journal of Occupational Trauma states, “Headaches are more frequently cause by spinal stress than any other condition.”

Chiropractic care removes the spinal stress and allows the nervous system to restore proper function. The effectiveness of Chiropractic in helping resolve headaches has been well documented in research and case studies all over the world. To read more about headaches and chiropractic care – CLICK HERE.

In particular, we see improvement in migraines and headaches in our office frequently. I’ve included a testimonials from one of our practice members:

Before Restore Chiropractic, I suffered from daily headaches, tension, and neck pain for years.  The headaches made it difficult for me to concentrate and even think straight.  I never left home without Aleve, and I was consuming way more than I should have been.  While at work, I was constantly trying to hide from everyone the fact that I didn’t feel good.  I would come home and just feel exhausted, and my head would hurt so bad I couldn’t see right.  My immediate family were the only ones I would let see how I actually felt. Looking back, I realize I was extremely short with my kids and my husband when I got home.  I would come home and lay on the couch with either ice or heat.

Now, after six months of chiropractic care from Dr. Niki and Dr. Bethany, I feel amazing.  I honestly feel like a new person.  I am so much happier now than I used to be and have a lot more energy.  My headaches, pain, and tension have completely dissipated.  My relationship with my husband has improved, and I am giving my kids the attention they deserve and definitely have more patience with them.  I am even training to run a 5K, something I wouldn’t have been able to do last year.  Restore Chiropractic has changed my life!” – Shannon B. Untitled

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