Strong Children Become Strong Adults

By August 11, 2014Uncategorized

So often I hear, “If I only knew about his when I was younger, I would have done something about it then.” It is so true that often people wait till a certain point when their health issues are so severe it forces them to do something about it. And often it requires more time and energy to correct.

I had this same realization when I first learned about how the issues with my spine were affecting my nervous system and in turn my overall health. My next thought was, “Now that I know, when I have children I will not let it get to this point!” So my son, Colby, has been checked and adjusted as needed from day one. The birth process can be traumatic and cause early injury to the spine and nervous system. I’m grateful for the knowledge and opportunity to provide my son with chiropractic care from the very start. He will grow up with the understanding that all health and healing starts from the inside.

I know as his immune system matures he will express symptoms, like colds and flu. We welcome this because I am confident his body and nervous system are able to handle these effectively and his immune system will be stronger because of it.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” –Frederick Douglass

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