Jamie has been so much fun to work with and is an active practice member-  what I mean by that is, Jamie LOVES being a part of our community!  She comes to all of our Refuge events, our Anniversary Party, ladies night and partakes in our optional challenges like our nutrition challenge.  Jamie is always up for hanging with the community, bettering herself and having a little fun! Isn’t life way more fun with a supportive group of like minded people?  Believe me, we have that right here at Restore!
We are so proud of Jamie’s journey and her continued desire to be the best version of herself. Check out her story…

I had a trip to NY scheduled and had been having sciatica pain for about a month. As my trip date was nearing, I was discussing with a co-worker my not wanting to go on my trip because of my discomfort and he suggested I see a chiropractor. I was very hesitant but he gave me Dr. Nikki’s information and I made the call. One treatment and no symptoms. I was absolutely amazed and impressed at the same time. During my follow-up visit, the focus was more on being healthy and the paths to get there. Neck issues that I thought were just normal for me turned out to be reversible. I had so much pain in an elbow even after two shots of cortisone and after a few treatments the pain was gone and has not returned. I am in my mid 50s and wake up every morning with no aches or pains and I truly believe I have Restore Chiropractic Center to thank.” -Jamie

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