Melissa is one of those patients that responds so perfectly to our care.  From the first visit, we had immediate improvements and she has only seen incremental changes ever since!  Her story is similar to so many other women that suffer with migraines and have had amazing results in our office.  Check out her story!

“It only took a month for me to see dramatic changes in every part of my life.  I use to have chronic, everyday shoulder, neck and head pain that would lead to almost daily headaches and sometimes migraines.  My sleep, workouts and everyday life suffered because of this.  Within just visits, I noticed improvement and in about a month, the pain and headaches were gone.  This improved my everyday life and mood.  I have much more energy and my workouts are easier and more effective. Every visit is quick and efficient while being very thorough at the same time.  This investment has added so much to all aspects of my life and I couldn’t be happier! ” – Melissa

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