Carie M 2

We want to celebrate our Patient of the Month for July, Carie. Check out her awesome story below!

 “I had chronic back problems that were never fully addressed or investigated. I would get treatment for side effects of my main issue, but without anybody addressing that main issue, my repeated problems would have lasted forever! It wasn’t until I started at Restore that I found out where all my problems originated and that area of my spine had never even been assessed before! I’m still not 100%, but my chronic problems haven’t re-surfaced at all since I started my course of treatment! I also had a surgical procedure during my course of treatment and I truly believe my recovery was enhanced by my care at Restore. I love Restore for my family as well, as my daughter is also a satisfied client. Their commitment to their clients and the community through a holistic approach is clear through the Refuge program, their numerous functions involving the community, and their support for local businesses. I am so happy to have been pointed in the direction of Restore with doctors Niki and Bethany! Much gratitude for their care, support, and dedication to health and well-being!” – Carie M.

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