Reading the impact that chiropractic had on Michelle’s life nearly brought me to tears-  We are so proud of how far she has come!  The BJ Palmer quote “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow” couldn’t be more true.  Michelle helped her mom get under chiropractic care halfway around the world!

The best part was the last line of her testimonial… “I hadn’t realized how much of my life I had lost until I started to get it back”.  Now THAT is incredible.

After going through a lot of moving and painful divorce and stressful job I had found myself recovering from depression, anxiety, brain fog and weight gain.

I found my anxiety had been focused on certain areas of my life. Walking my dogs was an anxious time as so many times other people had allowed their unleashed dogs to attack us. Driving around Omaha and on the interstate was to be avoided as people drove so badly or were driving distracted. I had made a choice on not perusing my career as felt unable to drive on the interstate every day. I was becoming borderline agoraphobic, due to bad experiences with people.

After a lunch and learn I thought I would take the opportunity to seek treatment through Restore Chiropractic Center.

After just a few weeks I felt my anxiety decreasing and my confidence building. My posture improved and I have the Restore posture guides up as a constant reminder.

I became very mindful of my diet, increasing my water intake and embraced the daily stretches. I was so happy with the improvements I saw, both physically and mentally, I encouraged my mother to get Chiropractic care where she lives. I would recommend anyone to Restore Chiropractic Center, as I hadn’t realized how much of my life I had lost until I started to get it back.” – Michelle

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