October’s Patient of the Month

IMG_1235“I was suffering from horrible mid and low back pain. There were times that just the slightest move the pain was so bad it took my breath away. I would have horrible pain in the morning just trying to get out of bed. My niece who is a patient at Restore told me I should go see Dr. Niki and Dr. Bethany because they could help me. What did I have to lose? So I made an appointment the end of June and here I am 4 months later. I can’t remember the last time I had any pain. I used to carry all my stress in my neck and could feel the tension. That’s completely gone. I also would get headaches when my stress level was up. The last headache I had was in the early part of August.  I know this because I came in and saw Dr. Bethany and she adjusted me and my headache was gone within hours. I also make sure I take full advantage of the rest after my adjustment. It gives me time to zone out and not worry about anything but me!” -Amy

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