Lucia has such a contagious beaming smile.  She is such a wonderful attribute to our practice and to our Refuge Women’s group!   As we start to creep into allergy season, check out her testimonial! 

“I first heard about Restore Chiropractic through Groupon.  After seeing my scans I knew I wanted to invest in my future well being.  I also used to have the worst sinus and allergy attacks, having to take Claritin as often as I could.  Today, I’m free of all over the counter drugs thanks to Dr. Niki and Dr. Bethany!  Also, I sleep better!  I’m grateful for their dedication to my health and for all of the resources they provide on a regular basis.  The Refuge events have been extremely informative and fun!  I look forward to my regularly scheduled adjustment and always feel better like I’m ready to take the world!”  Lucia S.

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