I LOVE early mornings! Like really early, when it’s still dark, the birds are not awake yet and before my crew gets up.  I like to make a cup of coffee, have some reflection time and get some work done.  I spent some time this morning reflecting on how much I love the quality time I get to spend with my family. We were crazy busy this weekend with activities and sports, but I was thinking about the real quality time I get with them.  When I can hug and cuddle and be totally engaged in the moment and give the kids every bit of my attention… and it reminded me of conversations I have had with practice members lately.

The feedback we get from each of them.  You see, most people that come in our office come to see us for a reason; a specific health condition that they want to go away. But what they get is far more than what they expected!  Over and over we get “thank you’s” from people that now can be more present with their families.  Their relationship with their husband has improved, their kids hug them and thank them for smiling more.  They are not distracted with the chronic challenges they were struggling with. They can truly live in the moment with the people they care about because they took the time to restore THEIR health! To prioritize them so they can be the best mom, wife,or parent they are supposed to be!

Because you know what, having a health challenge that interferes with your life that you can’t find a solution for SUCKS. Having headaches, anxiety, digestive issues or migraines and not having answers, SUCKS. It leaves you crabby, tired, distracted and short fused.  Of course, as busy parents, we sometimes don’t want to take the extra time away from our families to work on ourselves.  BUT, when someone’s health challenges can be resolved and they are not being distracted by a chronic issue; life gets better!  That “presentness” that I was reflecting on is the gift we can give with chiropractic to people desperate for answers.  I am beyond grateful to provide that!

At Restore Chiropractic, we get the honor and the privilege of seeing these miracles everyday and watching our practice members’ health get restored.  Why?  Because they chose themselves!  By prioritizing themselves they are becoming a better version of themselves!

With Mother’s Day coming up, consider taking the time to prioritize YOU.  Your health has to be top priority so you can be the absolute best version of you for your family.  Because let’s face it; we all deserve that!!  If you are having a health challenge and are looking for a solution, consider the initial nerve system testing we provide at Restore Chiropractic.  It is how we can determine IF chiropractic is the right fit for you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Make our call your Mother’s Day present to yourself.  The gift of possibilities!


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