We have been blessed to have Rebecca in our office.  I remember the first consult I had with her.  She was poised, exuded strength and positivity and after suffering for 20 years with chronic pain, she did NOT want to hear about how bad her spine was; she had heard that over and over from providers in the past. She only wanted to hear hope and encouragement and NOT what was wrong with her health.  We held on to the hope, continued the encouragement, and we have seen incredible changes in all aspects of her life!! Check out her story below!!


“I was admittedly reluctant to seek chiropractic care due to past experiences. I have struggled with intermittent lower back pain for almost 20 years and my experiences with chiropractors often left me in more pain, as opposed to relieving it. I contemplated surgery, took multiple medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy; you name it, I tried it. However, every few months the pain would return; at times so intense that I was immobilized. After a minor car accident in June which set my lower back off (yet again) I decided to give Restore Chiropractic a try, assuming it would lead to the same underwhelming outcome I had grown accustomed to. Imagine my surprise when after 7 months under the gentle care of Dr. Niki and Dr. Bethany I can report that I have experienced no lower back pain for the first time in 20 years! I have been a Preschool teacher during those 20 years and let me assure you it is not an easy career for fussy lower backs. However, I began this school year pain free thanks to Restore Chiropractic and have remained that way all year! I can hardly express what a relief it is to not be constantly worrying, “Is today the day my back is going to go out again?” I have resumed weight lifting, started back in yoga, and I am even sitting on the floor with the children thanks to this center. The lack of back pain is not the only relief I’ve experienced while under the care of these two amazing ladies. I am getting deeper, more restorative sleep every night which allows me to wake feeling more rested and ready to start a day filled with 3-5 year old children. I am also thrilled to note that this has been my healthiest year as a teacher, too. As you can imagine, working with Preschoolers is like working inside a petri dish of bacteria and viruses. However, this year I have not suffered with my usual rounds of sinus infections, upper respiratory viruses, and the dreaded stomach flu. I have experienced increased all around wellness during the 2016-2017 school year thanks to the outstanding care at Restore. Dr. Niki and Dr. Bethany are equal measures competence and compassion, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Mark, the financial services coordinator and Dr. Niki’s hubby, basically held my hand through the financial  process and paperwork after my accident; which was a huge relief. When evaluated as an entire team this teacher gives Restore Chiropractic Center a resounding A+!” – Rebecca

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