If you are traveling, you must know these tips!

The summer is flying by, I can’t believe we are headed into August!  June started a long stretch of travel for my work schedule.  I have Outreach trips, conferences, meetings, speaking engagements and a few “fun” trips lined up through November.  Because these trips are “routine” for my schedule, my healthy habits must always stay consistent.  I can’t just throw in the towel when I travel because I don’t have my instapot pressure cooker in my hotel room!  IF you have summer travel left, here are my tips for continuing a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

  1. Cut the excuses… Keep your normal AM routine (whatever that is for you!) My normal routine rarely quits.  Last weekend I was in Indianapolis for a conference.  A friend asked if I wanted to grab dinner after the Friday speakers (at 9pm) and I politely declined.  He said “Niki, you have to eat, can’t you break your routine for one night?” The answer is NO!  Now, I am not suggesting you take my early bedtime, but in order for me to wake up and get my workout in before the Saturday conference, bedtime was necessary!  You see, I workout out if I am traveling, if I am home or if I am in the Bahamas; it doesn’t change.  It is my morning routine that gets my energized for the day.  I have some me time, I exercise, I read and I get ready for my day quietly.  I don’t sacrifice that when I travel.  No excuses!
  2. Pack your snacks. I never know what I am going to get-  when someone is going to feed me, when I will get a break or what my options will be TO eat.  Trust me, if I am not fed, I get HANGRY!!  You know, hungry plus angry!?  I pack my snacks!  This way, If I have to split early (like the Friday night escapade) I have some dinner!  I like to pack RX bars, Beef Jerky, trail mix (I make the best trail mix!!) and fruit.  This way, I never have to worry about needing to eat or making poor decisions!  
  3. Protect your bedtime routine! When we had our floors re-done at our home we had to spend the night in a hotel.  The kids, Mark and I in a double bed hotel room.  I thought “this will be fun!” and as soon as bedtime rolled around, I realized that was so far from the case!  I had rolling children, a snoring husband and noisy hotel guests all keeping me up!  Boy, was I exhausted the next morning. Often times when I travel, I share a room with others.  I have learned in order to be my best, I NEED good sleep!  Dr. Bethany introduced me to the beautiful world of EARPLUGS!  Yes, I said it; they truly saved me!  I can still hear my alarm but all of the muffled noise is gone!  TRUST ME, you will be thanking me later…
  4. Get checked before you head out of dodge! Nothing screams stress like travel!  Airports, lines, security, customs, long car rides, etc.  I have learned an important factor when I travel is the ability to leave town with a clear and optimally functioning nervous system!  Just as we do in our office every day, we check and adjust our patients to allow their bodies to be better adaptable to the environment; to properly dissipate stress!  People have reported less stress, better sleep, higher energy, less anxiety and being ‘more relaxed’ under care.  Guys, I practice what I preach-  my last stop before I head out is a check by Dr. Bethany to make sure I am clear and ready to rock; and I hate to break it to you, but traveling does stress me out, so I prefer the absolute best opportunity to not let that affect my mood or those around me!  

I hope a few of these tips resonate with you… I hope they can help you stay on track, enjoy your travel and maintain the healthy lifestyle you are working towards!  

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