This place!! This week, myself and 17 other chiropractors have the privilege of serving the citizens of Mexico City, Mexico. We are in the heart of Mexico City and the heart of it’s culture.  The people are so incredibly welcoming and the small amenities that we take for granted in the States are much more of a privilege in the area where we are working.
We had lines of people waiting to be seen even before we started on our first day – everyone wanted to learn about Chiropractic!  We were graciously thanked and greeted by Congressman Adrian Rubalcava, who is a very well known and respected politician in a Mexico. I can’t wait to keep you posted on how that well respected relationship helps bring Chiropractic and the restoration of health to Mexico in the future.
I want to share with you just a few of the stories from my first day serving the great people of Mexico City…
Check out the picture of me and the beautiful Norma.  She was so grateful for her adjustment that she walked to the local pastry shop and brought us back treats!!

And little Maria, a fragile, kind woman who was so grateful for her adjustment she hugged me and cried!
My heart is filling as we speak and it is such an honor to be able to share our gift of chiropractic to the world!  We are expecting double the patients today and continuing to build throughout the week.  This means double the impact on people’s lives and the opportunity to reap the benefits of a nervous system without interference! Mexico City will NEVER be the same!
– Dr. Niki

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