El Salvador, I Have To Go Back

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Serving our community has always been my passion and my priority, but I have always had the desire to impact humanity and give back to chiropractic on a larger scale. Last January I embarked on a new journey.  A journey that took me to El Salvador for a trip that completely transformed my life and did exactly that.  We served over 3000 El Salvadorians and gave them opportunities they would have never had with their health, if we had not volunteered our time to serve them.  We served an orphanage of abandoned, handicapped children that left an experience that will forever be engraved in my heart, as well as theirs. We had the opportunity to have follow up care for the length of the trip and were able to track awesome stories.  A little girl who smiled for the first time in her life, after receiving her adjustment.  A women with MS got out of her wheel chair on the last day, and so many other stories!  The only thing I could think of on returning was; how do I go back and how can I take Dr. Bethany with?

So, I made a decision and commitment that I only hope you all will completely support, and that is I HAVE to return and Dr. Bethany has to join me.  We have joined forces with a group of elite doctors to ensure the people of El Salvador will soon, not only have regular exposure to chiropractic, but will have the opportunity to major in and graduate with a chiropractic license from the University.  The coolest part?  This was initiated by the medical doctors that we have created mutual respected relationships with.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and understanding as we will be closing the office for a week in June to embark on this second impactful journey. We truly have the greatest practice members in the world, because we know you are as excited for us to go as we are to serve.

– Dr. Niki


  • Melanie Raabe says:

    I’m excited for both of you to have this life-changing experience of serving the people of El Salvador. This is exactly what Christ compels us all to do.

  • Stephen Washington says:

    I fully understand and support your efforts to share your knowledge on such a broad scope. You and Dr. Bethany are to be commended. You have left my body and my wife’s body well adjusted to sustain itself until you both return. The knowledge you have provided since being under your care will allow me and mind to sustain our last adjustment by proper nutrition taught by you and Dr. Bethany. Take care and return home in good health.

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