Dr. Bethany Shares Colby’s Birth Story

March 18th  is my son Colby’s first birthday. No matter how many times you hear “time goes fast,” it takes on a whole new meaning when you have a child. As I get ready for his  birthday, I can’t help but think back on the wonderful experience that brought Colby into this world.

It seems these days the only birth stories that are shared are filled with disappointment and fear. Mine is definitely not, in large part thanks to chiropractic care, and I would like to share it with you.

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At 39 weeks, in spite of feeling like a blimp, I was doing well. Just as I had throughout my entire pregnancy. A running joke at the office was, “Hey – who knows, I might not see you tomorrow Dr. B”! In the middle of a busy Monday morning I remember a practice member joking with me, “It might be tonight!” to which I replied, “Oh no, I’m not feeling a thing, can’t be tonight.” I went on with my day feeling the same way, except maybe a little extra tired after work, but come on I was 9 months pregnant! That night at 8 pm my water broke! Contractions started after and by 11 pm were just minutes apart. We had thought it would slow down because you never hear stories like this. After our doula (a person to help support mom & dad during labor) arrived, she wasn’t there longer than 5 minutes before we all started loading into the car. After what felt like the longest car ride of my life, we arrived at the birthing center at 1:00am and Colby arrived ten minutes later. It was truly the most amazing, humbling, and wonderful moment.

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Pregnancy and birth always reminds me of the amazing capabilities of the innate wisdom within the human body. In chiropractic, we term this innate wisdom as innate intelligence. A perfect example of innate intelligence at work is in the conception, growth, development, and delivery of a new life into this world. I am truly grateful for the chiropractic care I received during my pregnancy because I know that is the reason I had such a wonderful experience.

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