Don’t look back, don’t forward, stay right where you are!

I love this time of year.  Especially for our family, it is such a fun time, but SO busy!  We have all of our families birthdays, holidays or special dates of any kind from Mid November to Mid February.  There is so much to be grateful for-  But, I am going to ask a favor.  To do something a little different this holiday season. something that I, myself, am working on!  Instead of making a lit of all the things you are grateful for, let’s focus on the exact moment-  Being SO present in every engagement!

 I was observing my daughter, Claire, on her 8th birthday, just last weekend.  She was at the American Legacy Complex with a couple friends for her birthday party and I was watching her with the horses and she was just glowing.  This kid; so carefree and full of spunk; truly fills my heart with joy. I wanted to immediately freeze time-  stop the moment right as it was and never forget the sound of her laugh.  Oh and her big smile.

 I was able to spend the weekend super present and engaged with my children; in the joy they bring me. Watching their faces light up when their dad surprised them from New York; enjoying time with family.  So, what I am suggesting to you is not to list your gratitude, which IS so incredible important!  Don’t start listing all of the New Year’s Resolutions you plan to crush.  Instead consider focusing on exuding joy and mindfulness.  Be completely present in every engagement that you are involved with over this holiday season.  Don’t look back,don’t look ahead into next year; be right where you are and no where else.  The holidays will come and go in a blur and after they are done and complete, you can list your gratitude for a joyous, mindful time with friends and family.
I will be doing just that and I hope each of you do too!
Have a blessed holiday!  -Dr. Niki

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