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I wanted to take a minute and introduce one of my favorite couples and their amazing journey with chiropractic care…  You see, Bob and Cheryl have been my biggest fans since the day I opened the doors of Pearson Chiropractic 7 years ago; BEFORE we became Restore Chiropractic.  I remember Bob’s first visit in the office seven years ago-  I had known Bob from my previous job out of chiropractic college, so his first visit in the office, not another soul around, he gave me that concerned, only like a dad could give look, and I know he was thinking ‘dang, I hope this kid makes it’.  But more importantly, he carried the ‘I believe in you’ look.  He and Cheryl were our biggest fans from that point on.  They started to truly understand the healing potential of the human body and continue to share with everyone they meet the power of the Chiropractic adjustment.
 I have seen them through so many life experiences; both the most joyous events; such as the birth of their grand children, to the hardest times including the loss of a parent. A clear and optimally functioning nervous system has been a staple in all of their endeavors.   I want to celebrate their journey, recognize their health achievements and say ‘thank you’ for their unconditional love and support.  I truly consider them family.
If you have ever considered chiropractic care, I urge you to read their story.  YOU control your destiny, YOU control your health… and you don’t have to be handcuffed to a diagnosis.  I can help.  But, you must take the first step and call… 402-933-1933.  Dr. Niki

“I started seeing Dr. Nicole in the fall of 2008 after I badly strained my back and was unable to function, (walk, stand, sit, sleep etc) without excruciating pain. She worked her magic (had me out camping & hiking in Utah within 5 days), which I know prevented strong pain medications and even potential back surgery.   During the course of my treatments I learned about her total wellness philosophy, which included eating healthy, exercise, and keeping the spine aligned so the body could use it’s innate intelligence to function at it’s maximum potential. While Cheryl and I had already subscribed to eating organic, and grass fed meats and exercising, the role of the spine as it affects our overall health was new to both of us.

Thus began our relationship with Dr. Nicole & routine chiropractic adjustments to simply maintain & improve our health.  At almost 67, I take no medications, run up to 5 miles 2 to 3 times per week, as well as work out 2 or more times a week.  Cheryl, who also works out regularly, only takes a natural thyroid medication as a result of her thyroid being removed nearly 30 years ago, when questioning your own doctor about the wisdom of doing so was rare.  Not many we know in the Medicare bracket in which we find ourselves can say the same about the role of prescription drugs, or lack thereof, in their lives.    

Is this a fluke?  We believe quite the contrary. I explain chiropractic this way. If you are a believer at all in God, religion or a higher power, you know and understand the miracle of conception, a baby forming and growing in the womb and then the miracle of birth.  God does not release the baby into the world and say, “you’re on your own kid, good luck. Any problems; see a doctor, take some drugs, and then more drugs to counter the side effects of the first drug.” No, it is exactly the opposite. The body can continue to be that same miracle that developed in the womb if the spine is properly aligned so your body’s innate intelligence can work it’s magic.

That’s what is so amazing about Restore.  Through their knowledge, goals, community involvement, integrity, vision, & selfless giving to help others, they are constantly sharing the benefits of Chiropractic care.  They have seen the benefits time & again.  The human body is a miracle and with regular adjustments, the miracle can continue.

 Thanks to Dr. Nicole & Dr. Bethany, our best years are ahead of us!”  – Bob & Cheryl

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