It sure has been a crazy month!  Heading into the holiday season is stressful, but it seems each year becomes a little more of a whirlwind. From my perspective, I feel like life is moving way too fast!! I mean, really, Christmas décor has been out since before Halloween and black Friday shopping has created a frenzy of week long chaos. I totally get it- Due to the fact that every life event in my family happens from November to February, craziness is an understatement. Here are my five suggestions to finding balance this holiday season…

  1. Get organized!  I love my physical Passion Planner (  Not my cell phone calendar, not my ipad; old school paper back planner.  Every Sunday I start gearing up for my week and Monday it is go time! I make lists, create the gameplan and check off my tasks as I complete them.  I write in what I intend to do during every 30 minute block of everyday!  I pencil in my time with patients and then in the open blocks, I reserve time for emails, phone calls, social media, holiday shopping, meetings, internet browsing, bill paying, family time, Mark time and exercise! I do this for Monday-Friday and I give myself a little more wiggle room on the weekends.  But, if you know me well, you will know I absolutely LOVE a Monday after a long unstructured weekend!!  Organization is key to appropriately plan for added holiday commitments and duties.  Try it!!
  2. Now that you are organized, EVALUATE YOUR TIME!  How are you truly spending your time?  I realized I spent a lot of time being “busy” but not really being productive.  Such a difference!  Now, if I need to pencil in 30 minutes to write a blog (which is  what I did to write this blog), if I did not complete the task in the allowed time I will come back to it.  This way I don’t get bogged down on a single activity! Make sure you are truly using your time wisely and I promise, you will feel less stress from the holidays!
  3. Learn to say NO and “it’s time to go”.  Can you truly attend every holiday activity, Santa spotting, Christmas party, family function, work party, etc.? Do you always have to stay for a lengthy time at all events? Figure out what can fit into your schedule and politely decline on the remaining.  Trust me, I want to do everything, but my health is my highest priority so I can be the best version of myself- for this reason I do not bite off more than I can chew.  I like to give myself “allowed times” for events.  
  4. Maintain your normal routine!  I exercise every day.  Top priority, hands down.  My alarm goes off at 4:03am and I head to the gym.  This routine must continue through the holidays in order to allow my body to properly process the added stress.  If you fall off track, don’t say “I will start January 1st for a fresh start”.  NO!  Start and pick back up right now!!  There is absolutely no better time to continue your healthy habits. So you had an extra slice of pie (or two) on Thanksgiving; don’t throw in the towel until after Christmas!  Get right back on track.  
  5. Keep your nervous system clear and functioning optimally!  Added stress has a negative impact on your health.  One of the most important reasons why I get checked and adjusted when needed is that it allows my body to properly dissipate stress, to keep my immune system strong and on point and keeps me functioning optimally.  Like a well-oiled machine.  People are sneezing and coughing on me all day long.  There is no time for my body to get run down!  Chiropractic has kept my body strong and healthy for the past 20 years and it will continue to do so and I fully trust it will keep YOUR body functioning optimally! Don’t wait if have you considered getting a Chiropractic check up-  Trust me, once you see the changes in your body, the only thing you will be saying is you should have gotten checked out years ago!  For those of you getting checked?  Kuddos to you, you got this holiday thang!!!!

I hope you find this information useful and know that I am always a resource if you have questions or comments.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  I wish you all such joy and happiness this holiday season.  Dr. Niki


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