And The Winner Is…

The third annual Restore Ribfest was a huge success!  Thank you to all who came out and supported our fundraising endeavors.  The food was incredible, the music was awesome and the sense of community was through the roof!

The grand prize winner of the Weber Grill went to Danny Macaitis!  Congrats Danny!
The winners of the contest were…
Smokin’ Dem Butts BBQ for Best Chicken
Racks on Racks for Best Pork
Emma’s BBQ for Best Beef
Check out the pictures below!
What a day! When the second band started, Karita, the lead singer stopped and told a story.  We didn’t know she was going to do it, but she told her chiropractic story.  You see, Karita has been a patient for years.  When she first came to see us, she had been to so many doctors for her migraines and crazy, unexplained stomach problems that would put her in bed for days on end.  As she started to choke up and cry (making us do the same thing), she told the entire Ribfest audience how we had changed her life… WOW.   Hearing the impact that one can have on someone’s life never gets old and it never gets unemotional.
Here is what she suggested…  She said that if you have a health challenge that you are struggling with and you can’t find a solution, give Restore a try.  She said; “It could change your life”.
So, here is what we are suggesting.  We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you.  If you are suffering and looking for answers, we just may have them!  But the only way to know is if you reach out to us!  You can either call us at 402-933-1933 OR reply to this email and we will personally call you.  We would love to hold your hand through this process and answer all of your questions.
Listen to Karita.  Her life is completely different after putting her trust in us.  Yours could be too!  Dr. Niki, Dr. Bethany and the Restore team.

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