As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we recognize the importance of giving some gratitude to the fabulous ladies in our lives. The ones who always put everyone else FIRST! I remember growing up there wasn’t a gymnastics meet, diving meet, track meet, school event or activity that my mother did not attend – always selflessly prioritizing her children over her own needs. I have no idea how she did it! She sure is a Rockstar!

Why do I bring this up? This type of selfless behavior took a toll on my mom’s body – and I know that she is not alone. We see it every day in our office. It’s the precursor to a multitude of health challenges that we help every day… Julie is the perfect example! Check out her story – a selfless, amazing mother and grandma that had always put other’s needs before hers. She made the choice to start care in our office and read what she had to say:

“The main improvement is that I sleep better and my join pain has lessened. My posture has improved and this winter I haven’t gotten any upper respiratory illnesses- this is new for me as every January in past years I have been sick for at least 6 weeks.”

We are running a short special for our moms out there, encouraging you to commit to YOURSELF! Make YOU a priority this Mother’s Day and take advantage of our special – Commit to getting the initial chiropractic testing in our office to determine if your nervous system is challenged and get a FREE massage from Gloss Salon! What’s even better is we are offering this free massage not just to the new patient, but to anyone who REFERS a new patient as well! You must act fast, this offer is good from May 10th- 19th. We know you have waiting a long time to do something for yourself – so, pick up the phone and call us! 402-933-1933. Remember, you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Dr. Niki, Dr. Bethany and the Restore Team

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