70 Degree Weather, Sun, and Mexico

It’s the middle of January and the deep freeze has officially set in. Schools are cancelled and everyone is staying indoors, and for good reason! As we power through this artic period, Dr. Bethany wanted to share with you where her focus will be this week…

I will be thinking about 70 degree weather, sun, and Mexico! Now don’t jump to hating me just yet, I’m preparing for a trip to Mexico City next week. It won’t involve any beach time or lounging, however I will be grateful for the sunshine.

I will be traveling to Mexico City with a group of 15 other chiropractors from around the country on a Chiropractic Outreach Trip. We will be serving and caring for the people of Mexico City, last January our group served 5,100 people over the span of 5.5 days!

Between myself and Dr. Niki, we have participated in 7 outreach trips. They involve six days and over 50 hours of checking and adjusting residents of Mexico City. We get to see people return and tell us the wonderful changes and improvements they see after what is most likely, their first adjustment ever.

And let me tell you, the amount our hearts fill with love, gratitude, and joy each time we return is remarkable. We grow as chiropractors, we grow as women, we grow as mothers, and we grow as humans. These trips mean so much to us, and we appreciate your love and support as we continue them.

So, I will keep you updated with words, stories, and pictures throughout my time in Mexico City next week… and I promise not to mention anything about the 75 degree temps!
– Dr. Bethany

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