3 Lessons From a Dear Friend…

This week is a tough week for Chiropractic; a tough week for a very close group of Chiropractors that myself and Dr. Bethany have traveled the world with sharing our gift of Chiropractic. One year ago, our mentor and teacher, Dr. Andy Roberts was in a coma. One year ago today we were impatiently watching the “limitations of matter”, a chiropractic philosophical concept understood by chiropractors AND medical doctors, play out in front of us. A living GIANT in our profession passed away at the young age of 53. He truly was my mentor and a very dear friend and is missed everyday. I thought this would be a great time to share the influence he has had and the lessons he taught me.

Lesson #1. Chiropractic is a BIG Thing!
The life changing stories he would share about Chiropractic and its miracles were like no other. He was with me at the orphanage we visited in El Salvador. There was a little girl, wheel chair bound but smiling and content. He pointed to her and said, “There she is Doc, from the video…” I vaguely remember what he was talking about because the video he spoke of was a girl who would NOT stop moaning and screaming; non stop and was securely fastened on her back to a gurney. This was her life in that orphanage. After receiving the adjustment from him in the video, she immediately stopped screaming. Fast forward 5 months and now this little girl was sitting up in a wheel chair. A-MAZING. Dr. Roberts taught me that you never underestimate the impact you can have on someone with a Chiropractic adjustment.
Lesson #2. The Silence Between The Notes.
The human body has the most amazing ability to heal. The chiropractic adjustment is there to facilitate Restoration. (Hence the name, “Restore” Chiropractic) Dr. Roberts often spoke of the importance of the time in-between adjustments – when the healing and restoration was happening!! Your body is so intelligent and is capable of some amazing things! We provide the adjustment, when necessary, facilitate healing to happen, and YOUR body does the rest! Pretty amazing, huh?!
Lesson #3. “Don’t take your life too damn seriously.” -BJ Palmer
This is very unrelated to Chiropractic, but an important lesson for life! Have FUN, enjoy the moment and be present in every experience. Enjoy the sunrise, appreciate the sunsets, make memories, do something fun and don’t hold grudges. Life is meant to be experienced, and there is no one that taught me that more than Dr. Roberts! THIS very lesson is why we have an annual Ribfest. Our Ribfest has nothing to do with Chiropractic, but everything to do with supporting our community and having a ton of fun! Join us this Saturday and we will show you exactly what we mean.

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