I am back, my heart is full and my hands are tired. As if my trips could get in better, this one truly was the best Outreach trip yet.  So many lessons I wanted to share.  Below are just a few…
Lesson #1
“The love you give away is the the love you keep” BJ Palmer

7 days, 18 doctors and students, and 5.334 checks/adjustments. Those are the numbers, folks and you read that correctly.  That is over a half a million dollars worth of care we delivered at no charge to people that have near nothing. The IMPACT we were able to have on Mexico City is indescribable. We believe our care has the potential to transform the health and the consciousness of the City.  The stories of gratitude, change and empowerment were absolutely amazing.   Ask me in the office because I love to share!

Lesson #2.
Love is unconditional; even if words are not spoken.
This is Sofia.  She came to see me every day.  I wasn’t even in the position of “adjusting” on her last visit but she ran past my teammate, Rich and came sprinting towards me sitting at the computer and gave me the biggest hug ever!  In spanish she told me she would miss me and kissed me on the cheek.  My heart melted and I knew the impact we had on her life and she on mine. I don’t speak spanish-  I don’t understand a word; but I understand the universal communication of heart and soul and they knew that we had something we HAD to share with them and something BIG to offer them.  And that, my friends, is the power of Chiropractic.
Lesson #3.
“You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”  BJ Palmer
Our first day on site, a politician name Adrian Rubalcava (to the right of me) came to see us and gave a speech thanking us for our service.  This man has the potential to be the next president of their country.  This man loved our service and people flocked to hear him speak about us and what we were doing in Mexico City.  As a token of gratitude, he took us all for an amazing dinner on Friday and a tour of “night legends” in the mountain of Mexico City.  At dinner, he told us “his country is always a place we can call home”.  Remember, as much as we are there to serve others, we are also there to bring the awareness and protection of Chiropractic around the world.  What an amazing step this is and I can’t wait to see how this relationship continues when we return in January.  We may need to bring more of us next time!
I have so many stories I can’t even write them all down.  But my heart is full and now my energy shifts back to OUR community.  Who can we help HERE?  Who is suffering and doesn’t have answers for their chronic health concerns?  I truly believe we can help.  But the only way to know for sure is to pick up your phone and call us 402-933-1933 either myself or Dr. Bethany will personally take your call and answer all of your questions to see if you would be a good fit for our office.  Dr. Niki

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