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 Restore Hope

Generally, people come into our office feeling discouraged from longstanding, chronic issues that are severely impacting their lives. For example, we see people suffering from:

• Headaches/Migraines
• Digestive Issues
• Anxiety
• Immune System issues
• Allergies/Sinus issues
• Chronic Fatigue & Pain
• ADHD/Focus Issues
• Trouble Sleeping

Restore Connection

During our specific chiropractic examination, we will be focused on evaluating the function of the nervous system. The spinal cord and nerves serve as the connection between the brain and the entire body. Proper function of every system in the body comes from a clear connection between the brain and body.

This is often overlooked as people are searching for solutions to their health issues. Sound confusing? For example, a clear connection is like traffic on the highway traveling smoothly and efficiently. Traffic is moving, and you are getting where you need to go in an effortless way. In the same way, if the brain is effortlessly communicating with the body then the body is able to function optimally. 

Restore Function

During our examination, we look for any areas where the connection is ‘congested’. Back to the traffic example, think of driving down the interstate during rush hour and you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. You are stuck at a stop and go pace, stressed, agitated, and attempting to weave in and out of traffic. You waste a whole lot of energy trying to get from A to B with little success. This traffic is the same thing that can occur within our nervous system, called a subluxation. A subluxation causes dysfunction in the body that comes in a number of forms. Some examples are headaches, migraines, anxiety, digestive issues and immune system challenges.

Restore Health

Our goal of restoring health comes from a process of restoring the connection between the nervous system and the rest of the body. By normalizing the nervous system and reducing the “traffic”, the body has the opportunity to function properly. When it is functioning properly, people see drastic improvements in many areas of their health, especially those longstanding issues they have been suffering from.

Dr. Niki explained the wellness program they were recommending and that it would be both a financial and time commitment. There was no pressure and they were up front about everything. I have never seen a Doctor so excited about the possibility of helping me. She KNEW the treatment she was recommending would work. It was because of her enthusiasm I made the commitment to my body and I have never regretted one minute of this personal investment as I feel the team is just as invested in me!

Mary Lynn

I came to Restore Chiropractic in the summer of 2009 to see if she could help relieve some of my anxiety due to a severe mental disorder. I was unable to go anywhere by myself, leaving me confined to my house most of the time. As I was being adjusted, my anxiety lessened and I was able to venture out on my own more and more. Now, a little over a year later, I go shopping and to dinner on my own. In fact, I just ran my first 5K all by myself. Before chiropractic, I was a candidate for electroshock therapy. Now I am able to manage my illness with minimal medications. Chiropractic has changed my life. Thank you Dr. Nicole!


I first met Dr. Pearson at the UNO Health Fair. With a quick scan of my neck she told me things that were probably wrong. She just about wrote my medical history at a glance!! I started treatment and felt better within a week.
With her support and care, I have lost 55 pounds and kept it off. Other that treating a general sciatic pain that I had put up with for years, any headaches, whether migraine or sinus, are gone!
Since I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Dr. Pearson developed a treatment plan to help alleviate it’s painful effects. I have had a significant decrease in general pain in her care. This is just the opposite from the general medicine view of throwing a pill at the problem.

Susan E.

At age 58, I will never be free of minor aches and pains, but I seem to have less than before chiropractic care and the duration of pain seems to be less. I fully trust the knowledge of Dr. Pearson and believe what she has taught me, that my body will fix itself if I take care of the body both external and internal. Get regular adjustments and eat more nutritional foods. This chiropractic wellness initiative defines health without total dependency on medicine, learning to eat more nutritionally, fully allow the spinal network to increase communication between the brain and body. Let your body do its job better, talk to Dr. Pearson and learn the advantages of alternative medicine through Chiropractic Wellness.

Steve & Lora

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